Return policy

How can you return your ordered products?

If you want to change your purchased product or return your value, please contact us at XXX or phone number XXX .
We would like to tell you the reason for your return to improve the quality of GIFT EXPERTS products and services.


* The purchased items can be returned within 14 calendar days since they were received

* Expenditures for the return of the products are borne by the customer (tour and return)

* Return is accepted only when the products are not worn, they are in perfect condition and have all the labels with which they were delivered.

The customer has the obligation to keep the packaging in its original state. If it is damaged, we reserve the right not to repay the money or change it with another product.

If the integrity of the packaging or products is affected (except for the package seal), GIFT EXPERTS reserves the right not to substitute or refund the return value of the returned product.

* Send a package of products to the GIFT headquarters – address, Bucharest with a courier company
We do not accept returns sent via the Romanian Post.

* The value of the products is paid within 14 calendar days once we receive the products and confirm acceptance of the return. The money will be returned by bank transfer to the specified account. Bank transfer will take place within 24 hours of payment processing.

* Return size or pattern replacement is only supported once.


Cost of freight charge for freight orders:
** 10 lei for Bucharest.
** 19 lei per country

If the product is replaced with an identical one, or with another product, it must have a value equal to or greater than the value of the returned product, and vouchers can not be applied to these commands.


Products made to order, which are not produced in series, CAN NOT BE RETURNED.
According to art. 9-15, O.UG. 34/2014 are exempt from the right of withdrawal in respect of distance contracts those products made to the specifications of the customer or clearly personalized.

Commodity-made products are not serial products, they are handmade and executed at the express request of the customer, which results in the inability to return the product.


If the product is reimbursed, it will be made within 14 days of receipt of the product and confirmed acceptance of the return.
The return of the products is made by bank transfer to the specified account (required information: account holder name, IBAN account)

From the value of the amount returned, the shipping cost borne by GIFT EXPERTS will be deducted when shipment is delivered (this is valid for situations where you have received a free shipping and returned the order or more than half of it).

The retained amount is calculated according to the tariff applied by the shipping company and the format of the expedition (envelope or parcel).

In the case of two or more unlicensed parcels , any new order is honored only by prepayment, by online payment or by payment order.

If you have been supplied with a product other than the one ordered or the product has defects, please contact us within 24H of receipt of the package by email at to remedy this defect.
For replacement with a new product or reimbursement of money, the roundtrip transport fee will be supported by GIFT EXPERTS.