3 types of Easter gifts for your business partners

Customers are the real source of business growth. That’s why it’s crucial that a business creates a strong sense of loyalty to them. Equally important is the attention paid to gifts prepared for clients on various occasions.
A well thought-out gift and personal touch are ways to show appreciation for customers in a strong human way, say Marketing specialists. In addition, attention to the gifts offered emphasizes the importance of personal relationships rather than daily transactions with a client.
Carefully prepared gifts also cause a natural, reciprocal reaction. If you look to someone that you pay attention to it, it will react positively to your gesture. Whether it’s Easter celebrations or an anniversary, wine remains a premium gift in the business world. Here are three types of gift combinations that you can rely on in relation to customers this time of year!
Instead of a standard wine bottle, you can order elegant baskets containing traditional lace, but also a host of other paschal goodies.
The DOLCE PASQUA Basket, for example, contains a dry red wine bottle of Alira Triton in 2011, partially obsolete in French oak barrels, but also cakes, truffles, pralines, nuggets, cookies or mint chocolate sticks. The basket is hand-woven, and there is also a decorative Easter candle. This package costs only 119, 99 lei.

For only 64.99 lei, you can thank your customers with another cos nature, called DELICE suggestive and which will surely make Easter feeling. It contains a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine – Ostrov Domains, but also pralines, coffee and chocolate sticks. And in this Easter gift there is a candle. To complete the atmosphere.

Another possibility is the DELUXE package composed of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine, premium biscuits, a chocolate tablet and decorative candle. Everything for only 29.99 lei.

All these gifts are professionally ambivalent with the decorative bow.
Also, congratulations offered can also be an excellent way to show gratitude to customers. And the customized logo applied to Easter packages.

Like Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day, Easter days and their specific gifts are a great time to create a buzz around a company. Easter celebrations are an opportunity to promote a business, to reward the efforts of employees, collaborators, to please business partners or attract new customers. Most likely, the competition knows the importance of the delightful baskets sent by companies these days and may already be looking for goodies that can be offered in the mini-vanguard of this spring celebration.
In 2017, the fine chocolate figurines, chocolate pralines or berry stuffing, grapefruit and red wine remain at great demand. Employees are recommended so-called high-end corporate gifts that will help them feel even more valuable. A Deluxe Wine Bottle or a Easter message will be those carefully laid out gifts that will make wonders among the employees.
They will enjoy more of their office break and return to work with even greater mood. Logos with their names on a wicker basket or a box of candy will give a touch of elegance and make them feel even better off their free days. Extra attention paid to holidays will return to the benefit of the entire business as people will be more motivated, proud of being part of a particular company, become more efficient and will want to perform better. And for business partners, gift baskets can be personalized with Easter Eggs and Happy Easter messages or messages that show the care of the whole family:
“Sending my warmest Easter greetings to you and your family. Happy Easter! “

Networking is a complex socio-economic process and a mainstream that ensures success in two directions: social (social networking) or business (business / business networking). A diligent approach to the network offers a number of advantages. Persons who maintain relationships constantly maintain open options in the career and outside office.
Business networking helps in properly assessing the market where a professional works by gaining useful insight that feeds efficiency. It also provides increased visibility, self-indulgence, and a general feeling of gratitude for fulfilling the function of a successful task. The network that a professional manages to form is a lever for improving relationships with vendors, partners, collaborators, employees, or colleagues. Through direct human or indirect human interaction, a group of people can be created to whom a person can return at any time.
The most experienced people in the business world are thinking in the long run and creating a sustainable network based on trust in years and years. Connections are also retained when moving from one organization to another. Also, a successful person is also very attentive to emotional issues because solid interpersonal relationships are built to show that you are involved in people’s lives.
It is one of the reasons why gifts offered to each other in the business environment are a natural gesture. A gift sent to the 10th anniversary of a company or on a traditional holiday is a way for professionals to connect better to the network they create. Gift Experts is next to everyone who wants to establish strong, long-term and long-lasting professional relationships for guaranteed success.

Innovative ideas, attractive products, real selling opportunities and a rising market, the perfect recipe for a successful business. But if we do not have people in our company, how could it be possible?
We all know how important it is to have in the company the right people to represent us and with whom we grow on the national and international market. However, in order to be able to evolve and to have productivity, you must have satisfied and motivated employees.
And what could be the key to your business success? Well, herself, your employees. You may already know the answer, but we confirmed it to you.
By recognizing employees’ efforts, you can increase their self-confidence and work, so they will try to evolve more and get involved in the company’s projects as if they were theirs. How can you do that?
For example, you can designate the employees of the month, for each department on the website www.giftexperts.ro you can find various gift ideas for your employees, gifts that can be customized according to your preferences and budget.